Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


every time it is the 22nd day of the month i can't help but think about cole.

it's wild to think he has been in rome for over seven months now! i always look forward to hear about how/what he is doing. a month or so ago i asked how his week was and he responded: "super quick. super hard. super amazing. super miraculous. super weird. super rewarding. super tiring. super italy." little sentences like that make me so content. i am quite jealous of his italian adventure! he has grown so much in these past seven months because of the challenging place he is in. i can't wait to see how much more he will continue to progress and succeed! although he hasn't gotten baptisms i know he is changing lives out there. 

well, happy 22nd! today is wonderful. xoxo ki

Saturday, January 18, 2014


i absolutely love the month of january.

it's a month of a fresh start.
a month of wanted change.
a month of trying new things.

i love sitting down and writing out my goals. i am a major list writer to begin with so writing down goals is right up my alley! something i realized while writing out my goals is how important it is to write down how i am feeling and what is new in my life everyday. (whether it is writing my personal thoughts in my journal or typing out my happy little highlights and favorites on my blog) here is how i am as of january..


i have such a large amount of events to look forward to, so why wouldn't i be happy?

i look forward to the simplest moments such as,
-going to class everyday: all of my classes are so fascinating to me and i love learning
-seeing my friends: utah has brought so many people in my life whom i adore
-hearing from my friends on missions: their weekly stories always make my day
-finding new music: discovering a new song or artist is just exciting to me
-going exploring: there is so much to see and i try to go to at least one new place each week
-making new friends: one of my favorite activities

and something i am the most ecstatic for...
*drumroll please*

beyond stoked is the first phrase i could think to express my excitement. but really i can't even put into words how happy and surprised i am that i got in. i am going to europe! WOOOO! sept 5th come quick.

so in summary...

 yes, life is good right now. reaaaaaal good.

Friday, December 20, 2013


time does this really tricky thing. it goes by too quickly at times. i love/hate that.

so what is up with kiley barney? (i am sure you are all DYING to know)

two really big firsts happened,

1. i drove in the snow for the first time - laugh all you want, but that was scary for me! i said at least three prayers before i turned the car on.

2. i finished my first semester of college

i can now take a very big deep breathe for accomplishing both of those things. (except that i still don't like driving in the snow. i don't like driving in general really)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


an excellent weekend with excellent people spent in the excellent area of northern california. 

i love amy, brigham, caitee and chloe. and i love road trips.