Saturday, January 18, 2014


i absolutely love the month of january.

it's a month of a fresh start.
a month of wanted change.
a month of trying new things.

i love sitting down and writing out my goals. i am a major list writer to begin with so writing down goals is right up my alley! something i realized while writing out my goals is how important it is to write down how i am feeling and what is new in my life everyday. (whether it is writing my personal thoughts in my journal or typing out my happy little highlights and favorites on my blog) here is how i am as of january..


i have such a large amount of events to look forward to, so why wouldn't i be happy?

i look forward to the simplest moments such as,
-going to class everyday: all of my classes are so fascinating to me and i love learning
-seeing my friends: utah has brought so many people in my life whom i adore
-hearing from my friends on missions: their weekly stories always make my day
-finding new music: discovering a new song or artist is just exciting to me
-going exploring: there is so much to see and i try to go to at least one new place each week
-making new friends: one of my favorite activities

and something i am the most ecstatic for...
*drumroll please*

beyond stoked is the first phrase i could think to express my excitement. but really i can't even put into words how happy and surprised i am that i got in. i am going to europe! WOOOO! sept 5th come quick.

so in summary...

 yes, life is good right now. reaaaaaal good.


  1. Hi Kiley! This may seem super creepy or whatever but I've been following you on instagram for a while and I absolutely love your photography. I'm never normally one for commenting (again, sorry if that makes me sound weird) but when I saw this post I just had to comment! I'm Anna, I'm 15 (16 soon!) and I live in Manchester, UK. I've always been jealous of your photos of gorgeous Arizona/Utah weather (I wish we had proper snow instead of slush!) and when I read that you're coming to the UK I did a little happy dance! Honestly, London town is one of my favourite cities on the planet. For real! You will love it!

    If you have any free time, I'd absolutely love to get some photography tips from you while you're here. I got a canon dslr for Christmas and it is my baby! But I could really use some tips because at the moment my photos are kind of meh. If you're up for meeting up with a total stranger (I promise, I'm not creepy or anything, I'm really not) pleasee let me know!

    1. anna,

      thank you so much! your comment made me absolutely happy. i stalked your blog right after i read your comment, and you are such a darling girl! i am so shocked someone follows me from the UK. now that is cool. out of curiosity, how did you find my instagram/blog?

      i can't express to you how excited i am to live in london for a few months. how far is manchester to london? i don't quite know my schedule there yet but i can let you know because i'd love to help you!

      xoxo ki

    2. ah thank you!

      Basically, I've been subscribed to Chloe and Olivia's YouTube channel for the longest time (If you see them, please let them know that I think they're 2 of the most talented songwriters out there!). Anyways, one time I think Chloe linked her instagram account in the description box, so i followed her, and a few months later she posted a photo you'd taken of her and i thought it was pretty great so i decided to follow you. Your blog url is in your instagram description so i decided to check it out, and yeah, that's how i got here!

      Manchester is about 2 hours north from London on the train. In a car it takes about 3/4 hours (although I don't recommend driving out of London - you will be in traffic for about a half century). the train is much better! it's funny because London is in the southeast and Manchester is in the northwest yet they're only 2 hours apart. In the US you wouldn't even be out of a state in that time, ha! The UK really is a pretty tiny island!

      Yes, if you're up for meeting up I would be so grateful! Just let me know whenever!

      Anna x