Sunday, August 12, 2012

whass happenin?

i snapped this junky iPhone picture on my way to the lake. these lovely clouds may be decieving. and satan called, he wants his weather back. let me tell ya: i am not the biggest fan of constant 110 degree weather! oh fall, please do come quick. 

on the bright side my family and i have been indoors munchin' on these incredible montana cherries. dang these things are delicious. definitely one of my favorite snacks.

on friday i ventured to the temple with cj,  casie and laur. believe it or not, perfect friday activity! it wasn't busy at all and it was absolutely lovely to go inside one of my favorite places in the world.

to top off the weekend i, little miss ki, got to hangout with the famous fred. every word that comes out of this kid's mouth is hilarious. this may or may not be his real hair.

well, one school week down 983748 or something to go. wish me luck. 

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