Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ed sheeran and the rizzle kicks

so i have had this favorite band since sophomore year, they are called the rizzle kicks. they have a fresh sound and they are british rappers that are black. I LOVE THEM. 

i have been waiting for them to come to america forever. and they where here so how could i not go? they were the opening act but they performed for a solid hour and i was on cloud 9! i will not lie, i fangirled and choked up a bit when they came out! everyone was at the concert for ed sheeran, but in all honesty i bought the ticket just to see the rizzle kicks. they were such fun performers and good dancers on top of that. 

oh rizzle kicks, i love you.

here's ed sheeran. he was an outstanding performer. i wish i had a dollar for every girl that started sobbing/whaling when he came out, i would be filthy rich! they call him ginger jesus

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