Sunday, February 3, 2013

saturday service

i had a great start to my saturday by participating in my ward service project (combined with our best friend ward higley groves). of course i was a bit skeptical about having to get up so early on a saturday come what may and love it, right?

we packed about 3,000 meals at the AzBrainfood warehouse. AzBrainfood is a non-profit organization that provides food for at-risk children who don't have enough to eat over the weekend making it hard for them to learn when they come back to school on monday. for more info click HERE

here is the group. i am so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood!

the stake gave us sweet shirts

if you can't tell we all started off with a load of energy and enthusiasm. 

my dad is always great about speaking to the youth! i love hearing all the stories he tells us.

hoodrat matt sneaking some of the chocolate milk

within 20 minutes everyone had high spirits and the project was like one giant dance party, i love these weirdos.

we felt powerful "feeding the children"

so think to yourself, when have you EVER felt bad doing service? i hope that answer was a big NO. so why not do service all the time? it doesn't have to be big projects like this but look for the simple tasks. i promise it will make you nothing but happier.

xoxo KB

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