Monday, July 22, 2013

how to have a wonderful sunday:

step one: go to a park. bring a large blanket, some smash ball and your comfiest shoes.

while at the park: every sunday needs a sunday needs a sunday nap. so simply just sleep or if you arent a napper, run around. 

next is child labor, um i mean, ...back massages

drool over cute babies (or let them drool on you)

play in the sand

play in the sand some more

and play in the sand just a tiny bit more

be a little kid, climb around.

pick some flowers (what happened behind this adorable maddie girl)

sit in the grass if that works for you.

(here was the best attempt of a group picture with the park crew.. cut me some slack, an 8 year old took it)

the most important step: enjoy the wonderful sunday

xoxo ki