Sunday, September 15, 2013

classic skating

last night a massive group of freshman went classic skating, and it surely was classic.

i had no idea how difficult the classic skates were to use.. BUT i am proud to say i, kiley barney, only fell once (the fall was quite dramatic). a boy plowed right into chloe and i sending us face first onto the skate floor. that incident was extremely painful so thankfully chloe and i had the same exact fall so we were able to laugh/cry together.

other than falling it was such a fun night trying to manage to skate and throw in some casual disco moves. there were some really good skaters there and it made me quite jealous! looks like i need to practice before the next time i go.

here is the majority of the group that went:

on the left we have the animal print crew, on the right we have actual animals shirt crew.

 this is what you call the chlinephenijey combo

after skating our hearts out we went to a crepery called "roll up" and it was SO good. you bet i will be back there real soon! and because crepes just weren't enough we followed that up with a sonic run. a corndog and a cherry limeade slush was the absolute perfect way to end the evening. so if you want to take away one thing from this post just know that...
classing skating = classic night

xoxo ki

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