Wednesday, November 6, 2013


-it's cold outside and i'm not properly dressed ever

-halloween is such a fun holiday to celebrate in provo

-the pretty colored leaves are all falling, and that's sad

-i love putting on oldies (frank sinatra, dean martin etc etc) and cooking dinner

-hot chocolate drizzled with caramel is a glorious combo

-i need to go to europe. like tomorrow

-basketball is my favorite sport to watch

-cole kiser writes the best letters

-i am sold by james blake is currently my go-to song

-i listen to classical music on a regular basis

-working out has become enjoyable to me

-i love chatting with my mom on the phone

-dark chocolate covered pomegranate is my favorite snack

-the month of november is going to be excellent

1 comment:

  1. When I get to chat with you it is the highlight of my day! I love you! I am also so happy to hear you are enjoying working out with Megan! Isn't she the best!