Saturday, November 24, 2012

just bein' an arizonan

i've always thought the desert was a hideous place, but honestly... it's starting to grow on me. somebody pinch me. quick. 

the smith clan went out for a little morning hike to the windcaves. despite the fact that it was probably my 5th time doing this hike... i still had a blast. 

believe it or not: i am an arizonan, it is rare for me to see a cactus, i still find them fascinating.

view at the top of the mountain 

view at the top of the mountain + a megan and kiley candid  

love this long-legged family of mine 

major props to harper for wearing absolutely no hiking apparel and toughing out the whole hike!

"the best part about hiking is being done hiking" -megan smith

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  1. You are one hot mamacita and i'm glad you're my bff.