Friday, November 30, 2012


it's my homegirls birthday. 

rachel alma woods 

we have been friends since kindergarten and let me tell ya, she is one of the greatest people you will ever meet. she is caring, happy, funny, upbeat, and giving (and so much more).

here's some random things about us:

rach and i lived in california in the summer, it was the greatest. 

she's my go-to girl. 

we go to circle k or get food -chikfila, firehouse, costa "rica"- almost everyday. 

we get W I L D at dance parties, and we both have our signature dance moves. 

we can read each others minds.

she's sporty, i'm nerdy.

i'm salt, she's pepper.

she's brunette, i'm blonde.

i'm tall, she's short.

we have competitions on who can have the longest hair, she is currently winning.

she has seen me at my absolute craziest.

she's my lake powell  buddy.

we laugh and tease each other until we go insane.

and she is my best friend!

i love you rad-rach!

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