Saturday, December 22, 2012


i love simple days like this. 
it consisted of: christmas shopping & a family christmas party. 

today was a friendly reminder that i DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT, like shopping. i have this freaky thing where i break out in hives everytime i go shopping (as weird as that sounds) so by the end of the day i am completely red and ready to jump in a pile of needles! dramatic? yes.

after shopping i got a little cousin time. 

hayden and hunter asked me to take a couple shots of them and, boy, were they funny! i have some really embarrassing ones and they would kill me if they got leaked on the internet.

this is hayley and i sporting the santa hats right before we went christmas caroling around the neighborhood, a family tradition. 

the topper of the evening: i went home and watched pitch perfect for the first time. SHOOT that movie was hilarious. i had quite a good laugh.

today was simple and i loved it.

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