Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the end of 2012

well 2012 has come and gone faster than i ever thought it would. one of the best years, no doubt

important events in 2012:
-moved out of my most favorite house in the world
-lived in california for 45 days straight
-got a killer job at the bank
-became a senior in highschool
-a year with my best friend cole kiser
-no car accidents or speeding tickets
-lost almost all of my best friends to missions
-finally obtained my own MacBook Pro
....those were just a few but 2012 was a stellar year to say the least

 i had the most perfect ending of 2012 spent with some of my most favorite people on the planet:

this is the crew, consisting of: cole, kiley, kenzie, jess, amy and spencer. these are some of the greatest people you could ever associate with. 
(it's a curse that half are from utah... why cant we all just live in the same state?)

so the crew started out the night with my families silly floating lantern tradition, simple but fun. 
then we made our way on over to cole welch's and we shook our romps to the max with at least 150 of our closest friends.

this is mine and cole's beauty. well... mostly cole's-he did all the work.  i am almost positive it made it to saturn. fun fact: we doodled a bunch of random phrases and pictures on it. it included: "wolf tride"because i was a genius and spelt tribe wrong.

spencer modeling off his beaut

i wasn't there for the family fireworks sadly- i only cried a little bit- but here was a sweet picture from it (it looked like it was was fantastic)

this dude right here made my new years. we went absolutely wild at the dance party. 
im sure everyone thought we were on drugs but SO WHAT we had the best time. 


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  1. aw Ki, i seriously miss this already. Why can't i just play with you every day?