Saturday, February 9, 2013

bike builders

this beautiful friday afternoon i came home from school to see a massive box on my doorstep. and when i say massive i mean you can fit at least 3 people in there. turns out it was a valentines day present from my parents that wasnt supposed to be seen yet and arrived at a bad time.

SCORE: A TWO-SEATER BIKE! by the way i don't like the t-word (tandem) and i will refrain from the use that word.

so it was too excited and i asked- more so convinced or begged -my 15 year old brother blake to help me build this bike. it took about 20 minutes and 4 people... not too bad right? and even better the weather was top notch bike riding weather. 

here is the few awful pictures we got:

me and my not so little brother. 

it was a beautiful bike riding day. 
more adventures on the two-sweater soon to come! 
stay tuned folks.

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