Sunday, February 10, 2013

california nostalgia

this may be a cliche post but i really can't help it. i am looking back at all my summer photos of staying in california for approximently 48 days this summer and it slightly makes me sick to my stomach. WHY IS CALIFORNIA SUCH A WONDERFUL PLACE? 

i miss the salty air, the bright sun and the cool breeze. i miss being tan and the way the salt water waved my hair. i miss the people that i got to spend time with. i miss lazy days at the beach. i miss living in my swimsuit and never wearing shoes. i miss all the fun adventures i went on. 

let's take a quick walk down memory lane, bits and pieces of a few of the places i went within the time frame of a month and a half:

a rainy yet perfect afternoon in la jolla

surfing at coronado island

a hot day at knottsberry with mr. kiser

newport pier

bonfire in huntington with san clemente boys

the OC fair with maryn, rachel and lauren

longboarding under the coronado island bridge with sydnee, indy and conner

the perfect sunday walk in newport

lunch time view of san diego

dance party time in newport

coronado boats and yachts view

another picture of the bonfire group in huntington

a day at santa monica
if you are wondering: yes i am smiling at a corndog.

a beautiful sunset in newport

all of my adventures in california were so different yet they all made me feel like the happiest girl in the world. gosh i miss california.


  1. this makes me cry a little bit. only because its so perfect.

  2. I agree with Ames. You had the best summer! So glad we got to spend some time together at the beach I sure miss it!